Who are we?

Who is who in sleep and OT

Occupational therapists doing work relating to sleep (clinical or research), in alphabetical order:

  • Louise Berger – Insomnia Service Lead, Royal Surrey County Hospital (UK)
  • Cary Brown – Lecturer, researcher, professor (Canada)
  • Aaron Eakman – Assistant Professor, working on trials of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for insomnia (USA)
  • Doris Pierce – Chair in occupational therapy (USA)
  • Sophie Faulkner – Early career researcher, mental health OT (UK)
  • Donald Fogelberg – Researcher, assistant professor, specialising in neurological conditions, and older adults (USA)
  • Andrew Green – Sleep specialist occupational therapist (UK)
  • Jean Koketsu – Part-time Lecturer, occupational therapist generalist, adult physical disabilities (USA)
  • Verena Langlotz Kondzic – Lecturer, rheumatology specialist (Switzerland)
  • Sue McCabe –  Early career researcher, paediatric and adult neurodevelopmental occupational therapist (Australia)
  • Annie O’Connell – Pediatric occupational therapist, specialising in sleep  and developmental disabilities, training facilitator (Australia)
  • Natalie Rolle – Research Associate II and lead therapist for trials of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia at Colorado State University (USA)
  • Jo Solet – Educator, researcher, occupational therapist (USA)

We hope this list is going to grow much longer in the coming years.

If you know of someone, or are someone, doing this kind of work please get in touch.


Who does what on the site

This site was set up by Sophie Faulkner, and is contributed to by various of the occupational therapists with a special interest in sleep who you can see listed above.  Everyone does this in their spare time and voluntarily, because we think its important to promote this area and share knowledge.  Individual pages are credited to particular author/s where possible, whilst some are a group effort and have been added to by most of us.