Sophie Faulkner

Sophie headshotSophie Faulkner is an Occupational Therapist working in community mental health, her interest in sleep began in 2012 when working on an inpatient mental health ward, where she frequently worked with people with sleep problems.  Sophie has completed research projects on the role of mental health occupational therapists in relation to sleep problems (1), on sleep problems in serious mental illness (2), and in schizophrenia spectrum disorders (3).  Sophie has also delivered training on assessing and addressing sleep within mental health settings.  As well as her interest in sleep, Sophie is interested in increasing research engagement more generally within the profession.  It is Sophie’s aim to increase occupational therapists’s confidence and knowledge for addressing sleep in all practice contexts.


Twitter: @sleepOTsophie


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1) Faulkner, S. & Mairs, H., 2015. An exploration of the role of the occupational therapist in relation to sleep problems in mental health settings. British Journal of Occupational Therapy, 78(8), pp.516–524.

2) Faulkner, S. & Bee, P., 2016. Perspectives on Sleep, Sleep Problems, and Their Treatment, in People with Serious Mental Illnesses: A Systematic Review. PLoS ONE 11(9)  e0163486. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0163486

3) Faulkner, S., 2015. (unpublished Masters dissertation) Experiences and perspectives of people with psychotic illnesses in relation to sleep disturbance, and its assessment and treatment. The University of Manchester.