The RAPapp study: Rest-Activity Patterns and their links with sleep and health

There are lots of unique factors about the changes to people’s lifestyles that have been taking place during lockdown, shielding, or working from home – many have been going out less often or not at all, many have had different commitments than usual, or less of a regular schedule.  These kind of changes to routines and environments – science would suggest might be likely to impact on people’s sleep and health, but maybe they wont impact in the ways we would expect. logoThe Rest-Activity Pattern app (RAPapp) study aims to find out more about the different ways lockdown has affected different people’s rest-activity patterns, and how these changes might affect sleep and health.  We are also interested in how people understand these kinds of plots of their activity, and how they might be useful.

We need citizen scientists who have already been tracking their activity since before the pandemic, using the Withings Health Mate app (with either a wearable/watch or phone step-tracking), to download and contribute their data.  The Rest-Activity Pattern app will show you how to download, will ask you some brief survey questions, and create your unique rest-activity pattern plot.

rest-activity pattern plot


A key to show levels of activity and colours on the plot









This is a collaborative project, so we are also interested in people’s views and analysis of their own rest-activity pattern plots, and the anonymous plots we are publishing as we go along.  You can view them here, and comment publicly or anonymously.

Participant Information

Anyone with Withings Health Mate data, who is over 16, and living in a country in the European Economic Area (EEA) can participate.  For participant information click here.

How to participate:

Please read the Participant Information first, then download RAPapp from Google Play or the Apple app store.  RAPapp will then take you through the process.

For android:

For apple:


Why can’t I contribute data from another tracker?

It is not yet possible to import historic data from other apps into Health Mate, however this is a planned development at Withings.  RAPapp can only process data in the Withings Health Mate format.  If you want us to notify you if this becomes available within the duration of this project, please get in touch and we will (please email [email protected] with the subject heading: “NOTIFY ME”).

Want to be sent the results of this study?

We will post about the results on social media, but if you want to be emailed the results, please email us at [email protected] with the subject heading: “SEND RESULTS”.


Contact us:

[email protected]

Sophie Faulkner: 07734 516 593 (UK office hours)