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Web resources on sleep for professionals and the public:

sleep4OT facebook group – One of a range of “4OT” facebook groups.  Check out this group for updates on OT and sleep relevant resources and news articles.

American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA) media outreach on OT’s role in sleep – a podcast which discusses the relevance of sleep for occupational therapists

REST project, Colorado State University – Information about ongoing research project into an Occupational Therapist delivered Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for insomnia programme for veterans, as well as links to other resources and sleep information (USA).

Sleepopolis – Website focused around reviewing mattresses, but with various information about sleep for the general public (adults and children) (USA).

Mind – sleep problems – Advice on sleep problems for people with mental health problems from Mind (UK).

Mental Health Foundation – How to sleep better – Printable / order-able sleep guide, and other advice about sleep including a sleep diary.  Focused around common mental health problems (UK).

Children and young people’s sleep:  -a fun and interactive active website aimed at children (or parents with children) between the ages of 5-12 from the National Sleep Foundation.  Includes crosswords, word searches, a bedtime calculator and easy to read descriptions of sleep and why it is important.

Sleeping habits 101 ( -a website aimed specifically at teens. Although there are lots of advertisements and some teen slang still worth a look.

BEARS Sleep Screening Algorithm – version for professionals / BEARS sleep screening algorythm – version for parents

Sleep Right for Youth with Chronic Health Conditions (University of Alberta)

The Children’s Best Bedroom for Sleep (CBBES) manual was developed by researchers in the Department of Occupational Therapy, Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine at the University of Alberta, as a resource for parents who are concerned about their child’s ability to get the best quality of sleep possible.

The CBBES manual is written in lay language and will help parents and caregivers understand the science of children’s sleep, and provides evidence-based strategies for modifying a child’s bedroom environment so he or she gets the best sleep possible.  The CBBES manual can be read on line or downloaded as a PDF
click here for a study testing this tool in children with cerebral palsy

Sleep in people with dementia:

Sleep Resources for Persons with Dementia (University of Alberta)

Blue spectrum light and the sleep of persons with dementia (on youtube)

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