Natalie Rolle

Natalie began working at Colorado State University at the Center for Community Partnerships in the winter of 2014 after achieving her Master’s Degree in Occupational Therapy (OT) from Colorado State University. Serving as a Research Associate II, Student Veteran Coordinator, and the lead OT for the Restoring Effective Sleep Tranquility (REST) program, a CBT-I program, Natalie uses the PEO model and focuses on supporting successful outcomes for higher education Veterans who face unique challenges. Natalie works one on one with these Veterans to provide a personalized approach to support each individual in attaining their goals. Natalie spends most of her time supporting Veterans with chronic insomnia to achieve lower insomnia symptomology, better quality sleep, and improved daytime functioning through the CBT-I program REST, please visit to learn more about REST. Natalie earned a Bachelor’s of Science in Biology with a focus on organismal biology from Colorado State University prior to her Master’s. Natalie is very interested in insomnia in all populations however currently specializes in Veterans.