Louise Berger

After several years working in numerous fields of practice, in 2011, Louise was invited to join the Royal Surrey County Hospital sleep clinic to set up and run an Insomnia Service. The sleep clinic at that time was providing respiratory sleep services, but found they were unable to meet the needs of patients who were suffering from insomnia rather than sleep apnoea. Louise continues to provide insomnia treatment, assisted by an OT colleague, to an ever growing population of insomnia sufferers. Working within a respiratory sleep clinic means that Louise has also developed expertise in sleep disordered breathing and is now able to carry out sleep studies and assist patients who struggle to use their CPAP machines (due to physical, psychological or cognitive reasons). As the sleep clinic is part of Respiratory Medicine, as a smaller part of Louise’s work, she also provides psychologically based treatment to patients with respiratory disorders who are experiencing very high levels of anxiety.