L-DART Service User survey info

Study Title: Light-Dark and Activity Rhythm Therapy for sleep: Feasibility and acceptability in Schizophrenia spectrum disorders (L-DART FitSz)

Researcher: Sophie Faulkner (occupational therapist / clinical doctoral research fellow)

You are being asked to participate in a short survey (under 5min) about your sleep, you can answer whether your sleep is good, bad or anywhere in between.
It is mostly tick boxes and a few optional places where you can write.  We wont ask anything that identifies you, so your responses are completely anonymous.

Who is in the research team?

This study is being undertaken by Sophie Faulkner as part of a Clinical Doctoral Research Fellowship, funded by the National Institute of Health Research, under the academic supervision of Professor Penny Bee, and Dr Richard Drake (University of Manchester).  This means that Sophie has access to teaching and supervision to ensure that the research is conducted in accordance with proper academic and ethical standards.  Various aspects of the project have been reviewed by patient involvement contributors throughout its design.  Dr Rory Byrne (Psychosis Research Unit, Greater Manchester Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust (GMMH)) is working on this project on the qualitative interviews and analysis.

Who has reviewed this study?

The study proposal has been reviewed by the University of Manchester’s research governance lead.  All research with patients in the NHS is looked at by an independent group of people, called a Research Ethics Committee. A favourable ethical opinion has been obtained from North West – Greater Manchester South Research Ethics Committee, REC reference: 20/NW/0059, NHS management approval has been obtained, and the study has been reviewed by patient involvement contributors.

Who is funding this study?

This study is funded by the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR), the research section of the NHS.  Light boxes are provided by Lumie UK, bulk order discounts were provided by Phillips and Withings.  Actigraphy and light monitor devices are loaned by University of Manchester.

What will happen to the results of the study?

The results will be communicated to researchers, healthcare practitioners, patients and the public.  We aim to publish the results in an academic journal, and to share the results other ways such as at conferences or educational events, and online.  We may use short direct quotes from the free-text responses, if you have entered something we think might make you or someone else identifiable we will not publish or share this information. If you want to know about the results of this survey and the whole L-DART FitSz study, a summary will be published on this website in 2022, and will also be shared in NHS Trust newsletters.

Future use of this data: The aggregated data may be provided to researchers running other similar research studies related to sleep and/or mental health. Your information will only be used to conduct research in accordance with the UK Policy Framework for Health and Social Care Research.

Because your data is provided anonymously and we wont be able to identify it, and you will not be able to withdraw your data.

Will my taking part in the study be kept confidential?

Your participation is anonymous so no-one will know you have taken part unless you tell them.

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