L-DART app

To show study participants their activity data, recorded by the Withings Move activity tracking watch, we have created the L-DART app. This displays how active the person is for each part of the day (how much movement – how many ‘steps’ the watch detects).

Participants can use the app on their own mobile phone, or be lent a smart phone for the study if needed. It is necessary to connect to the internet (mobile internet or wifi) for the app to update, but you can still view the data without an internet connection. If someone doesn’t have internet access the therapist will help identify places to access free wifi, and bring internet access at visits, so that data can be downloaded.

To use the Withings Move watch and the app, participants will need a Withings HealthMate account, we will help to set one up at the start of the study. It is not necessary to enter any personal information into the Withings HealthMate app, full information about how we will handle and protect participants data in in the Participant Information Sheet.

A screenshot of the L-DART app graph page. Brighter green shows more activity.