Jo Solet

jo solet 2Dr Jo Solet M.S., Ed.M., Ph.D. is assistant Clinical Professor in Medicine, Cambridge Health Alliance, and Harvard Medical School, Division of Sleep Medicine. Dr. Solet trained as an OT, educator, and researcher, her initial research and clinical work focused on adaptation to injury, illness, and disability. Recognizing that physical contexts may compromise or enhance functioning, including as mediated by insufficient sleep, Dr. Solet studied the arousal effects of hospital sounds on fully monitored sleeping subjects. She has participated in national efforts to improve hospital design to support patient sleep. Dr. Solet also co-authored a parallel behavioral project studying the effects of changing hospital night-care routines to limit patients’ care-related sleep disruption and improve medical outcomes.


Textbook chapters:

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Research Investigations:

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Case Study:

Brendel DH, Florman J, Roberts S, Solet JM.  In sleep I almost never grope: Blindness, neuropsychiatric deficits, and a chaotic upbringing.  Clinical Challenge: Harvard Review of  Psychiatry 2001; 9:178-88.  [PMID: 1141054] (Invited Clinical Expert)



Solet JM, Barach, PR. Managing Alarm Fatigue in Cardiac Care. Progress in Pediatric Cardiology. 2012 33:85-90.