Andrew Green

x01_AG aAndrew Green started working with people with insomnia in 1999 as an occupational therapist attached to a sleep clinic. He now works with people with the whole range of sleep disorders. Andrew has written several articles and book chapters, and blogs relating to sleep, and has co-edited two books on sleep.

twitter: sleep_therapist



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Author or co-author on the following chapters in A Green and A Westcombe (eds) (2012) Sleep: multiprofessional perspectives. London: Jessica Kingsley Publishers.

‘A question of balance: the relationship between daily occupation and sleep’
‘Sleeping on it’
‘Broken sleep: sleep disorders’


Author or co-author on the following chapters in Green A and Brown C (eds) (2015) An occupational therapist’s guide to sleep and sleep problems. London Jessica Kingsley Publishers

‘Sleep and occupation’
‘The reason of sleep: sleep science’
‘Time for bed: historical and cultural factors, and time use’
‘The effects of sleep and sleep loss on performance’
‘The effects of daytime activity on sleep’
‘Sleep disorders’
‘Assessment and non-pharmacological management of insufficient and excessive sleep’
‘A place to sleep: environmental factors’


Green A (2012) ‘Asleep for ages’

Green A (2015) ‘Extreme owls’