Aaron Eakman

Dr. Eakman joined the CSU Department of Occupational Therapy in the fall of 2011 and he presently serves as the Director of Research for the New Start for Student Veterans program within the OT department’s Center for Community Partnerships. As research director, Dr. Eakman maintains two active lines of research. The first addresses personal and environmental factors supporting or hindering academic success and resilience for post 9/11 veterans in college. The second line of research involves the study of occupational therapy-led programming to improve the sleep and mental health of post 9/11 veterans – know and the REST project. Please visit http://RESTweb.colostate.edu to learn more about REST. Eakman’s additional research initiatives relate to the development and refinement of measurement tools and theory dealing with meaningful activity and the influence of participation in occupations upon well-being. Dr. Eakman earned a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from the University of North Dakota and a Master of Science in Occupational Therapy from Western Michigan University. Dr. Eakman’s practice in occupational therapy led him to pursue a PhD in Occupational Science from the University of Southern California. Immediately prior to coming to CSU, Dr. Eakman served for four years as the Occupational Therapy Program Director at Idaho State University.

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